Friday, September 14, 2012

Privacy on the Web?

How much of my life should I publish in a blog and how much should I keep between me and the few people I let into my weird little world? It's a hard question to answer. It's one that has kept me away from the blogging world for the last few months.

When I returned to the United States I enjoyed travelling all over the US visiting friends and family. Blogging about that is easy. It's travel and sights and fun stories from far off places. But last Fall I settled into a routine with work and a job search and I located myself in one city. It was then that I started focusing on other things like friendships and love interests. And blogging about that is more difficult than I expected. How can I write about the man I'm dating or the person I fall in love with? How can I convey the heart ache when the relationship doesn't work despite our best efforts? Those are things that I'd love to share because they are certainly not unique to me, but exposing so much of myself just doesn't feel right. So I stayed quiet. Through hilarious stories of dating mishaps, through love and heartbreak, and now I'm back. I may still not explore the romantic side of my life but I realized that even in my daily life "at home" it's still pretty interesting. And really my blog has always been about living life to it's fullest.

And on that note, I'm going to shout-out to a college friend of mine from MU who is enjoying her life to the fullest as well. She keeps a regular blog and was recently featured on the Jeff Probst Show due to her incredible energy and approach to really living, even after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since we met our freshman year she has had this energy. And as our paths crossed now and again since she's never lost it. But what's impressive is how she's maintained that zest over the last year in the face of adversity. See her clip from the show.

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