Photo Albums

A collection of the photos from my trip.  These are just snapshots of the adventure as it unfolds.  I have a feeling there's still more fun to come... (double click on the albums below to open them in a larger format in a new window).

Laos:  March 29-April 4

Chiang Mai,  Thailand: March 26-29

Bangkok, Thailand: March 21-26

Southern Thailand: March 11-21

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: March 8-11

Saying Goodbye: March 2011

Touring the South Island: February 5-28

Holiday Touring in New Zealand: December 25-January 17

Spring/Summer: September 2010-January 2011

Tonga: August 19-23

Winter in Auckland: June/July

30th Birthday Party: May 7

Exploring New Zealand: April/May

The Beginning: March