About Me

I find that the most difficult thing to describe is who I am.  I don't fit a stereotype and I can't think of a single word that embodies me as a person.  On second thought, maybe it's conundrum.  My life hasn't followed a clear path, rather it has meandered and twisted as it has gone along.  I like routines and habits; but as soon as I start to conform to them too much, I break them, just because.  I have very few regrets in my life, in fact none come to mind right now.  I certainly don't regret any of the major decisions I've made, but when it comes to the little ones, I just hate to make a call.  (I've been known to just not eat dinner instead of trying to figure out what I should make.)

For the most part I try to experience everything I possibly can (I do draw the line when it comes to extreme adventure that involves heights). I am in my early 30s, but I still enjoy acting like I'm 20 years younger - running through puddles and playing in the snow - every chance I get.

Sometimes I do things because it's unexpected and people can't believe that I would...but mostly I do it to prove to myself I can. I love a challenge. When I find something I want to accomplish, I get motivated.  I put all I have into making it happen before fear, reality, or common sense can get in my way. It's because of this, I left spontaneously for another adventure to New Zealand.  I went to "live like a Kiwi" and learn about myself in the process but now that my year is over, I'm not sure I could ever go back to living any other way.