To Do List

Thanks to the help of everyone around me (family, friends, and some random strangers) I've managed to compile an ever-evolving list of things to do while I'm in New Zealand.  It's tough to live like a Kiwi, but I am up for this challenge.
  1. Go Blackwater Rafting at Waitomo Caves
  2. Tour the South Island
  3. See a Rugby game
  4. Go camping
  5. Ski the slopes on the North and South Islands
  6. Figure out what a feijoa is 
  7. Eat a feijoa
  8. Go fishing on Auckland harbour
  9. Catch at least a snapper
  10. Try to see some dolphins or porpoise in the wild
  11. Attempt to wakeboard 
  12. See the Bay of Islands
  13. Go to Cathedral Cove
  14. Dig a pool at Hot Water Beach
  15. Go wine tasting in the Marlborough Region
  16. Go to a cricket game
  17. Go to Taupo
  18. Check out a farm!!!
  19. Visit Wellington, and go to Te Papa (the national museum)
  20. Play drinking games 
  21. Attend multiple BBQ's
  22. See a kiwi band play at a small town pub
  23. Learn the difference between a Mars bar and a Moro bar
  24. Check out a black sand beach 
  25. Eat a pie - a real one, a.k.a. a meat pie
  26. Eat a Pavlova - it's Kiwi not Australian! (Either way, I'm still not sure what it is)
  27. Attend the comedy festival
  28. Kayak in the Marlborough Sounds Ok so it wasn't the Marlborough Sounds but I was close with Abel Tasman so it counts
  29. Walk the Tongariro Crossing
  30. See Wellington 7's rugby tournament Simply, awesome!
  31. Mountain biking in Rotorua or Woodhill forest in Auckland
  32. Snorkeling at Goat Island - and feeding the fish
  33. Hike Abel Tasman (a 2-3 day hike along the northern coast of the South Island)
  34. Attend a big fancy dress party (a.k.a. costume party)
  35. Glacier hiking
  36. River sledging
  37. Take an airplane ride over the Bay of Islands
  38. Go through the hedge maze at Wanaka (South Island)
  39. See the Blue Penguins come ashore at late dusk along the coast south of Christchurch/Dunedin
  40. See the native culture exhibits NW from Auckland up the peninsula I went to Te Papa and got cultured on the Maori heritage instead
  41. See a sheep farm and sheep shearing
  42. Visit the Kai Iwi Lakes
  43. Camp on the beach
  44. Sea kayak in Fjordland I did the cruise instead
  45. See a kiwi (the bird not the person or fruit)
  46. See the albatross on Otago Peninsula outside of Dunedin
  47. Sled down the dunes on the North peninsula
  48. Visit 90-mile beach
  49. Watch multiple movies in the NZ Film Festival
  50. Run across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and complete the Half Marathon