Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quintessential Boston: Chowdah and Cape Cod

I arrived in Boston on Monday afternoon, perfect timing to see my uncle and cousin play in their recreational hockey league that night.  The last time I watched my cousin on the ice, he was no taller than my waist (he now towers over me at 6’3”) and I’ve never had the privilege of watching my uncle play so I was excited. Even shivering on the bench as the sole spectator, I had fun watching them crush their opponents (who were in the tougher division above them).  

My cousin, Paul (#10)
My uncle keeping his eye on the puck

On Tuesday morning, my sister arrived and we headed out to the Cape for a few nights of camping. The campground was a great little place (Sweetwater Forest) in Brewster about 1/3 of the way up the Cape.  We set up camp and found our way to the local seafood/ice cream place for some local fare.  My new favorite word is “quintessential” and in the Boston area that happens to be Clam Chowder (“chowdah” to the locals) and Cape Cod.  I had both when I sat down to some clam cakes, clam chowder and a soda at a picnic table after arriving on the Cape. 

The next day offered beautiful weather in the 80s (especially considering it was in the 100s in the Midwest) for a day filled with biking and exploring.  That night we even caught a Cape League baseball game when the Brewster Whitecaps played the Chatham A’s and won. 

The weather was perfect and my first three days in the Boston area couldn’t have gone better.  My accomplishments as a tourist in America are quickly growing.

Biking 14 miles along the Cape Cod Rail Trail:  Check.
Watching a baseball game on Cape Cod:  Check.
Enjoying some chowder and ice cream in Boston:  Check.

Next Up:  A weekend with the family in Rhode Island.

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