Friday, July 29, 2011

New York, New York

The Big Apple. Wow. Well I made it safely last Monday to New York City (or rather just outside of it in Jersey). I was staying in Hoboken with one of my best friends and to be honest, before arriving I hadn't heard many positive things about New Jersey.  Afterall, MTV did a great job of giving Jersey Shore quite a reputation. Maybe the low expectations helped, because I was pleasantly surprised.  With local bars mixed in with stores and row houses alike, it was a young neighborhood with a lot of trendy charm. I was quickly hooked. 

Dave lives in the middle of Hoboken (which isn't difficult as it's a very small town across the Hudson from Manhattan) so I parked my car at his office and enjoyed getting around on public transport and my own two feet for the week.  I made arrangements to meet various friends for a few lunch dates and a happy hour.  Each time I went into Manhattan I either arrived early or stayed late to wander around the city and enjoy the energy that pulsed around me. It's definitely a people watching paradise.

Meeting with friends in NYC: Anne, Maurice, and Neha
Since I have visited New York before, I didn't feel like I needed to do the touristy things, which was good because it was ridiculously hot (over 100 degrees on Wednesday through Friday) and I wasn't really capable of doing much of anything more than wander aimlessly around the city.

Dave and I made it to the theater on Wednesday night for "Sleep No More" but it wasn't the traditional Broadway play that most tourists see in New York.  This "play" for lack of a better term, took place in an old hotel in the Chelsea/Meatpacking District and all of the audience members were encouraged to "watch" by wandering around the floors, peering in rooms, opening dressers and doors, and following after the actors. It was a bit of a mystery as you tried to figure out what part you were watching and who was involved.  At one point a murder occurs which adds to the suspense of it all.

The feeling I had when I left the play was the same as the one I regularly had in AP Literature back in high school...I knew I was supposed to be getting a much deeper meaning but it was definitely escaping me. I had a lot more fun taking it all for face value, being completely voyeuristic, and running after the actors.  And I had the help of someone who had been to the show before and could fill me in on some of the other things that we didn't see (each time you go back you see things differently as you wander around the building and see different scenes at different times).

On Friday I was on my own so I hit up a local Hoboken bar and quickly made friends. I spent the entire night talking to the bouncer, the bartender, and (as I found out later) the bar owner, and a revolving door of guys that sat down next to me.  It was highly entertaining and made for a fun night out, even if I didn't make it across the Hudson into Manhattan, it still felt like New York to me (although all the locals would definitely disagree).

Saturday was another hot day and after a late night I wasn't up for much. But it meant that I was well rested for a night in Manhattan.  I was not disappointed. Sushi in Manhattan at a bar that we pulled up on my phone after getting off the train, drinks at a bar in the Meatpacking District, back to Hoboken to meet some friends for dancing and more drinks, and then back to Manhattan before the bars closed, and finally some late night (or early morning) pizza before getting back into Hoboken as the sun was rising.  If I didn't care about my savings (from the paycheck I hope to have soon), I would move here in an instant!

At Coney Island on the boardwalk
After sleeping most of the day away on Sunday (I needed to catch up somehow), we headed out to Coney Island for a hot dog and a walk on the boardwalk.  It was a perfect way to end my week in New York, well that and a late-night date on Sunday with someone I met on the train ride out to Hoboken on Friday. This city sure moves fast.

Next stop...Boston, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.

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  1. It was so good seeing you!! Late night date?! Sounds exciting! :-)