Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working 9 to 5

I feel like time is quickly slipping by and I'm not keeping up. And then I have a day like today and I realize I haven't even been here for two months and I've accomplished quite a bit!  A few weeks ago I had an interview with Corporate Express (an international company recently purchased by Staples).  Two days after my first interview, I was called back in for a second interview.  By the following week I had a job offer and a start date of today (April 28).  The offer is a fixed term contract that will take me through to the end of my visa in March 2011.  I'm losing a bit of my ability to be carefree but in New Zealand employers are required to provide 4 weeks of vacation each year.  I think I'll adjust to this new schedule.  Not too bad for 7 weeks into my crazy adventure.

I'm working in the marketing department of the Auckland branch of Corporate Express.  I will be commuting to work each day - which doesn't require nearly as much as a commute in Chicago - but it can still take 25-45 minutes depending on the traffic. I'll be working with my manager and one other person (still to be hired) to build the marketing department into a much more developed program.  If our department is able to meet our goals, the potential is to hire more staff allowing me to gain managerial experience.  When I decided to come to New Zealand I planned on looking for a job in my field, however, I was sure that I would end up in an administrative role making enough to break even.  What I found is something that I may have been able to achieve had I stayed in the US, but was definitely not expecting when I moved half way around the world.

After day one - which involved meeting people and immediately forgetting names, reading company material, and setting up my desk - I think I'll like it.  After a few weeks, my rose colored glasses may come off, but for now I'm sticking with my typical optimistic outlook.

About the picture:  Included as a reminder as to how beautiful the scenery is this shot was taken overlooking Piha Beach, Northwest of Auckland.

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