Monday, February 15, 2010

New Zealand To Do List

I'm starting my to do list for New Zealand and requesting suggestions.  I will have up to 12 months to see as much of the country as possible, so I'm getting it organized. Since I have already been there once I know that there are a few things that I don't need to add.  For example, hurling myself off a bridge (or cliff) into the abyss below, held up only by the hopeful snap of a bungy cord, isn't going to make the cut of fun and entertaining things to do (maybe on a list of death defying acts, but I value my life too much for this one). There are, however, things that I missed during my first visit that I want to include:
  1. Go Blackwater Rafting at Waitomo Caves
  2. Tour the South Island
  3. See a Rugby game 
  4. Go camping
  5. Ski the slopes on the North and South Islands
  6. Figure out what a feijoa is (I can only vouch for its tasty infusion in vodka)

When I shared this small list with my friend who lives there, I was told that I had missed "a mental amount of stuff."  So, with help from someone who clearly loves the country, the ever-evolving list has grown substantially.
  1. Eat a feijoa
  2. Go fishing on Auckland harbour
  3. Catch at least a snapper.
  4. Try to see some dolphins or porpoise in the wild
  5. Learn to wakeboard (the "teacher" has no idea the patience that will be required on this one)
  6. See the Bay of Islands
  7. Go to Cathedral Cove
  8. Dig a pool at Hot Water Beach
  9. Go wine tasting in the Hawkes Bay
  10. Go to a cricket game
  11. Go to Taupo
  12. Check out a farm!!! (these are not my exclamation points considering I've seen several. I'll determine if it's worthy of the excitement)
  13. Visit Wellington, and go to Te Papa (the national museum)
  14. Play drinking games (I can vouch for the entertainment factor of this one)
  15. Attend multiple BBQ's
  16. See a kiwi band play at a small town pub
  17. Learn the difference between a Mars bar and a Moro bar
    (Considering they are both chocolate bars, I'll volunteer for several taste tests to get this one right)
  18. Check out a black sand beach (This is the kind that burns your feet when the sand heats up)
  19. Eat a pie - a real one, a.k.a. a meat pie
  20. Eat a Pavlova - it's Kiwi not Australian! (Either way, I'm still not sure what it is)
  21. Attend the comedy festival
  22. Kayak in the Marlborough Sounds
  23. Walk the Tongariro Crossing (Rated the best one day walk in the world... apparently... by people who like walking)
  24. See Wellington 7's rugby tournament (This may be difficult - all of the tickets for the games in 2010 sold out in 4 minutes)
  25. Mountain biking in Rotorua or Woodhill forest in Auckland
  26. Snorkeling at Goat Island - and feeding the fish
  27. Hike Abel Tasman (a 2-3 day hike along the northern coast of the South Island)
  28. Attend a big fancy dress party (a.k.a. costume party)
  29. Glacier hiking
  30. River sledging
I think this might be one of my favorite (or favourite) lists yet.  It's going to be entertaining trying to get things on this accomplished.  Let the fun begin....(and send my any other suggestions you may have).

About the photos: Top photo - Blackwater Rafting in Waitomo Caves; Second photo - A feijoa; Bottom photo (left) The National Rugby team, the All Blacks, performing the Haka before the game begins


  1. Thanks to some additional suggestions, I can now add:

    31. Take an airplane ride over the Bay of Islands
    32. Go through the hedge maze at Wanaka (South Island)
    33. See the Blue Penguins come ashore at late dusk along the coast south of Christchurch
    34. See the native culture exhibits NW from Auckland up the peninsula
    35. Visit the museum and breeding farm south of Christchurch
    36. Spend a weekend (or a week) on a sheep farm