Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

Kansas City airport
Well, I made it home.  After radio silence through Communist China (I didn't have access to Facebook or Blogger), I've arrived in the States and started my adjustment back to life in America.  My Mom and I flew into Kansas City last Thursday and after a long day on the plane (longest Cinco de Mayo of my life) we landed at MCI under a double rainbow...literally we came in after a storm and were treated to a couple rainbows and a beautiful sunset.  It was a nice way to come home.

The Great Wall
China was an incredible country.  More progressive than the rest of Asia it was a bit easier for me to adjust, however, fewer people spoke English in China than in any of the others countries we visited.  We worked our way north from Guilin to Xi'an to Beijing, stopping to visit the major sites along the way.  We ended our trip at the Great Wall of China outside of Beijing.  It really is an amazing wall.

Now I'm on my way up to Chicago, stopping to visit people along the way.  I'll need to do some temp work and save some money to more of the United States.  I hope to spend the second half of the summer visiting people I haven't seen in awhile and enjoying my own country.  I look forward to my potential travels and the idea of finding a new job (which sounds daunting) is actually a bit exciting too. I can still feel the pull of New Zealand and there is actually a bit of homesickness as I am reminded of different things throughout my day.  But I suppose my life of "Living Like a Kiwi" has ended...or maybe it's just beginning....

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