Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying Solo

Arriving in Picton on the early ferry
Night 2 of sleeping in my car.  I can afford a $30 bed at a youth hostel, I have a tent in the trunk, and yet, for the last two nights I have opted for the third choice, sleeping in my car.  Maybe it’s because I want to prove that I can, that I’m not too old to do it.  After waking up both mornings with stiff muscles and sore joints, I’m not really sure who is winning this bet against myself.  Tonight I pick up my dad from the airport, tonight I sleep in my own bed.

Highlights of my trip so far:
Seal colony outside Kaikoura
  • Stopping at a winery in the Marlborough region for a tasting and to purchase a bottle of Gertz (not what the region is known for but one I like). 
  • Lazy naps in the sun by the ocean on my slow drive down the coast
  • Visiting a seal colony long enough to take the obligatory photos and nearly trip over a seal that was resting in the grass.  It’s unbelievable how docile these animals are. 
  • A nice dinner by myself in a Kaikoura bar before sneaking off to find a safe but out-of-the-way place for me to park my car and sleep for the night. 
  • Waking up unsure of where I was (it took me a good 2 minutes to figure out what country I was in let alone what city…which is an unnerving feeling, and a bad sign considering my travels have just begun)
  • Detours taken by choice to see the coast and walk the beach before making myself a PB&J sandwich. 
  • Walking around Akaroa, a French influenced colony on the coastal peninsula near Christchurch, and enjoying another nice dinner with a glass of wine.
Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsula
I was hoping to take a harbor cruise today to see the Akaroa region a bit better.  However, it’s been raining for the last three hours so I may have to hold off on it for now.  I’ve enjoyed my time alone going where I want, and doing what I want, but it will be nice to have others to share the experiences.


  1. This sounds really awesome!!! Hope your travels continue to be so much fun. Remember you're still a lazy, self-absorbed American so leave some garbage on the ground and club a baby seal while you're there!!! -Dave

  2. Sounds like that Dave guy really has you pegged. While you're at it club one of those seals for me too. Gordon