Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreaming...isn't it weird

I woke up last night after having a dream that included someone from my distant past, someone I was sort of friends with in elementary school.  It wasn't a vivid dream but it was occuring in present day.  The weird part about this is that I haven't talked to this person for over 12 years and even before that we weren't really friends, so much as acquaintances. 

Me, age 7, at home in Weston, MO
It's weird to be so far from home and have someone pop into my subconscious that hasn't even been in my conscious mind for so long.  What could have triggered the memory of this person?

In my groggy woken up state I decided that I should email him to see how he is.  After all, that's one of the beauties of Facebook - I can communicate with people that I haven't seen in years.  Then the logistics of this very odd email hit me...

"Hi, How have you been?  I know it's been many many years since we last said even two words to each other but you were in my dream last night and I thought I would see how you're doing now. Ok, well, talk to you soon.  Your stalker, Jessica"  Not only would that sound creepy, it would definitely give the wrong impression about my dreams. 

After drifting back to sleep and waking up with more reason this morning, I realized why send an email when I can stalk appropriately and without shame...another beauty of Facebook.

Editor's Note:  A special note to some of my family members that are reading this as they are gathered for the reunion in Pennsylvania.  I hope you are all doing exceptionally well and enjoying the time together.  I also hope I'm able to see you all when you do it again in another two years - please pick a good location. Much love to you all!

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