Friday, July 23, 2010

Solitude: Easier Said than Done

There are days when I just want to be alone; Days when I am frustrated, tired or just generally don't want to talk to anyone.  I've found that after a tough week at work, this is particularly true.  Afterall, for three years I lived in my tiny postage stamp of a studio with only my cat to get under my feet.  The problem is, here I don't have a place where I can feel at home and still have the solitude that I need to recharge.

First I should explain that I love my flatmates, as far as flatmates go, I can't think of anyone that would be better to share my life with in Auckland.  Everyone is social but lives their own lives - an important balance to have when you live with someone.  At home, we occasionally share the details from our day along with meals that are cooked for an army rather than one or two extras.  We laugh together while watching tv or telling stories about our experiences of adapting to our home away from home.

But all of this doesn't help me with my need for alone time.  It's hard enough to achieve with five people sharing a house, but this weekend we have visitors so we're up to seven in our townhome.  Despite the fact that my flatmates and the visitors are all awesome people, I find myself looking forward to the days that I'm living alone again.  Oh well.  There are still moments where I can enjoy the best of both worlds.  For instance, I am currently basking in the sun and writing my blog in an empty and quiet living least for now.

And I remember that eventually I'll move back home and get my own sanctuary again - which will of course only make me long for the moments in New Zealand, when I had wonderful company and people to share my life with in the comfort of my own home.

Things to be thankful for:
- Green lights all the way home when I really have to pee
- Beautifully sunny days that help me meet my Vitamin D quotient
- A mild winter in New Zealand
- Understanding flatmates that won't take this entry personally - sometimes I just like to hibernate

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