Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry Chicago, I'm Going to Hell

Deep dish Chicago-style pizza: "a buttery crust up to three inches tall at the edge, slightly higher than the large amounts of cheese and chunky tomato sauce, acting as a large bowl"... of goodness.  Lou Malnatti's, Giordano's, Pizzeria's all part of what makes the city great.  But I'm sorry Chicago, I have found a new love:  Hell Pizza.

Mayhem, Mischief, Pandemonium, Pride, and other sinfully good pizzas are on the menu.  My latest favorite is the Grimm:  Chicken, cream cheese, pine nuts, cheese, spring onions, apricot sauce and rosemary.  Mmmmm.  Matched with phenomenal chicken wings and surprisingly good BBQ sauce (and this is truly a compliment considering I'm picky about my BBQ), I'm slowly converting to a life of sin. 

Fortunately for Chicago they still have the market on hot dogs.  Even the "American" dogs here can't come close to a nice plump Chicago hot dog with all the toppings.

Things to be thankful for:
- A new addiction to the gym that helps me afford an occasional pizza indulgence

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