Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doritos: Now in New Zealand!

That's right, Doritos have made it to New Zealand.  And apparently, there are so many people here that do OEs (Overseas Experiences) there is a big demand for the little chip.  The entire ad campaign is based on this fact alone and billboards, tv ads and other signage declare: Doritos: Now in New Zealand.

Don't be fooled, this is a big deal.  The NZ Herald covered the story:  "Kiwi icons kicked off shelves to make way for US chips" in March because apparently this is kicking out a Kiwi-made product.  The ad campaign features different people declaring how awesome the chips really are.  My favorite is the cute "all-American girl" dressed in an over-sized t-shirt with a giant number on it (picture her boyfriend's practice football jersey).  She is sitting in front of her webcam telling all of New Zealand the benefits of Doritos in a heavy Southern accent, "...they're great for all sorts of parties: barn parties, grass growin' parties, weddin's, you name it..."  New Zealand you have a lot to look forward to now that Doritos are on the scene.  It's just too bad that Doritos are not one of the things I miss from the States.

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